Boracay Nightclub

Boracay Nightclub

Bar Food, Deira
TIMING: 19:00 to 23:00
  • CUISINE:Bar Food
  • DRESSCODESmart/Casual

Adding to Dubai’s fast paced nightlife is the spectacular Boracay Nightclub.This 3 storey, 10,000 sq. ft and a seating capacity for at least 400 people, is a dynamic blend of art and technology, with a larger-than-life sound system, 48 enormous speakers, and an explosion of special-effects lighting as well as several secluded areas designed to hush the music and allow for some quiet conversation.

The entertainment will astound you with 36 different musicians and entertainers. In addition, traditional Boracay snacks are freshly prepared and delivered with exceptional service.

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