Dubai Night Planner evening brunches at The D Bar & Grill!

10 Apr 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

There's nothing better than leaving the office at 6pm on a Thursday evening, knowing that its the start of the weekend and you have dinner waiting for you! That's exactly what you get at The D Bar & Grill! The evening brunch kicks off at 7.30pm (giving us ladies enough time to freshen up) and there is a wide array of food to tickle your taste buds. 

From breakfast to meat cuts to seafood, The D Bar & Grill have got it covered. I thoroughly enjoyed every dish that I tried but my favorite was most certainly the Salmon! It was by far the best salmon I've tried since being in Dubai; so I highly recommend you try it whilst brunching! I loved it so much I had two dishes (it is a brunch after all!) 

The customer service we received was amazing! All the staff were friendly and attentive and never once was my glass left empty. Beverly, the restaurant manager made our dining experience exceptional, as she took the time to come chat with us; and made sure we were happy with everything throughout the evening. 

If you're looking for a conveniently timed brunch, good value for money, high standard of customer service, and impeccable tasting food make your reservation at The D bar & Grill NOW!  

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