Dubai Night Planner dines at Atelier M

23 Mar 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

Situated at the top of Pier 7 in Dubai Marina, Atelier M is set in the perfect place to wind down after work. I wanted nothing more than to have good food and be in a serene environment after such a hectic day; so the location was the first thing that sold it to me.   

I was in awe when walking into the venue. The interior gives you the feel of stepping foot
into a different era; the 1920's to be precise. My attention was instantly drawn to the cone-looking mirror in the center of the venue. It was unlike anything I've seen in a venue in Dubai. In the midst of this, I was pleasantly greeted by the friendly hostess upon arrival.

To me, good customer service makes a dining experience exceptional and I can honestly say that's what I received at Atelier M. Every member of staff who interacted with me was polite, attentive and welcoming. I didn't even have to ask the waiter about the menu, as he gave myself and my guest a full run through about the dishes; and even gave me his recommendations.

We opted to sit outside as the view of the Marina was incredible. It definitely was a touch to the dining experience; and I believe that alone will be a hit with the clientele.  

Whilst skimming the menu it came to my attention that there was a combination of two cuisines; French and Japanese. This is something that was new to me and I feel its a brilliant unique selling point for the venue as its a very exquisite collaboration which works very well together; as I later on experienced once trying the food. We were told that what we order is served to be shared; so this gets the recommendation as a great place to go for a first date! (don't say I don't help you guys out) We opted for the beef and the tuna starter; both very flavorsome, light dishes. For the main we chose the Lobster and Wagu beef. Now, I'm more of a lover of red meat so the Wagu won me over! When I asked for it to be cooked medium/well it was served medium/well; something that I've found some venues struggle to get correct the first time. Compliments go to the Chef! Unfortunately, due to the generous main course servings I didn't leave room for dessert, but this is an indication that I was thoroughly satisfied with what I did manage to eat!!! 

I wholeheartedly recommend you try Atelier M if ever in the Marina Area area or if you want to try dining somewhere slightly out of the ordinary. With the food being in the higher end price range; its the perfect place to dine for a special occasion and worth every Dirham spent! You can always tweet us @nightplannerdxb for more information and if you have any questions about the food, location or service :) 

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