Dubai Night Planner Checked out Tabla's new Ladies Night!

19 Feb 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

Tuesday's are definitely a ladies favorite night in Dubai; so when I received the email about Tabla's new 'THIS IS' ladies night I knew the girls would be so excited to get involved!

The venue was strikingly different from any of the stereotypical nightclubs I've visited in Dubai. It had a warehouse feel about it; I almost felt like I was in a club back in England. 

Myself and my guests absolutely loved the old school music that was being pumped through the speakers; its always nice to hear 90's RnB and Hip Hop in opposition to the commercial music, that is heard pretty much everywhere! 

Gutted to say I missed the famous 'tabla player' I've heard so much about! It was a school night so I left before his performance.

I am ensuring that I'm going back, just so I can experience this Live Tabla player!! 

Thank you for looking after the DNP team; we will be back :) 

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