Dubai Night Planner attended the launch of Toko Dubai!

05 Feb 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

Last night I attended the long awaited official launch of Toko Dubai. Situated in Vida Downtown Dubai, the venue is in a gorgeous location and has lovely surroundings.

Upon arriving to the venue, we did have a bit of trouble valeting the car; but I put this down to the mass amount of guests arriving at one time. I was greeted by the staff and shown to the beautiful garden area. 

With live performers, and a buzzing environment due to it being very busy it was a very pleasant atmosphere. I commend all the staff who were working last night as I could see they were rushed off their feet yet they still had smiles on their faces! 

I had a sneaky bite to eat from a few of the dishes that were being served around the venue; and I must say the sushi is incredible! I look forward to dining there in the near future so I can do a full review on their menu :)

Good crowd, unique venue, perfect location.. I will definitely be back!

For any questions regarding my experience tweet me @nightplannerdxb or @stephaniekaur

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