Dubai Night Planner dines at GQ Bar

05 Feb 2014
By Stephanie Kaur

Located in the gorgeous JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Downtwon Dubai, GQ Bar is the newest addition to their outlets!

I was pleasantly greeted by the hostesses who directed me to the bar before I'd be seated for dinner. I found the bar staff were very knowledgeable about the beverages they serve and were all for recommending things to try!

The waiting staff were all so attentive and friendly. They ensured that we were constantly checked up on; glasses always full and empty plates removed as soon as we were finished. 

Unfortunately, when some of the dishes came out they were not hot but I've been informed it was due to the lamps used to keep the food warm not being installed. With that taken into consideration, the chicken was incredible despite being freezing! It was well seasoned and very soft. Its a shame it wasn't hot as I'm sure it would have been the perfect meal! I'm also very fussy when it comes to my macaroni cheese; luckily this came out hot and is bar far the best mac and cheese I've tasted in Dubai!

The interior is very edgy and masculine; definitely in line with the GQ brand! I really liked the creativity within the venue; it wasn't too OTT and wasn't too minimal. I cannot wait for this rain to stop as I want to experience the terrace! It's absolutely HUGE. It will certainly be a new hot spot in the next few months.

For any questions regarding my GQ Bar experience you can tweet @nightplannerdxb or @stephaniekaur

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