Dubai Night Planner rocked up to the opening of Boutiq Ultra Lounge!

22 Jan 2014
Situated in one of my favorite places in Dubai, the Address Hotel in Dubai Mall; Boutiq Ultra Lounge is the new venue that was launched last night! 

I absolutely love the interior! This is a place that caters to everyone, depending on what you fancy doing. There's an area for lounging which is more chilled out and will be a great place to catch up with friends after work. There's also a club room so if you want to come for a cheeky party night the option is there to do that too! With two different DJ's and incredible live entertainment, this is certainly a venue I will spend my whole night in. Lounging with friends until around half 10-11ish and then making them dance the night away with me in the club room until 3am. I could see that a great deal of thought went into all the small details to make this club stand out from the rest. 

I loved the fact there was two different types of music being played in different rooms; as this is not common here in Dubai! I'm used to it back in England so it was a pleasant surprise to see it happening in Boutiq.

I have to admit my favorite type of launch invites are to nightclubs, so as you can imagine I was excited to see what was in store and had high expectations. These expectations were met and I believe it'll be a hit with the public; especially as it's in an accessible location. No one likes a trek when they want to party!!! 

The official public launch is this Thursday 23rd of January 2014... CHECK IT OUT! 

Tweet @nightplannerdxb for any questions regarding my experience.

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