"Pant on Fire" Comedian Sorabh Pant’s English Comedy Special

20 Jun 2012
Sorabh Pant is one of India’s best and most traveled comedians, having done over 250 shows in over 17 cities in the last three years."Pant on Fire" is his first comedy special. He’s also opened for Rob Schneider (You Don't Mess With The Zohan, Deuce Bigalow) and Wayne Brady’s (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Wayne Brady Show) India tour. Rob called him, “Fabulous. Very loud!! Killed in every city.” Wayne Brady said about Sorabh, "He's the second brilliant Indian comedian I've seen, after Russell Peters."

Recently, he was voted the #1 Most Interesting Indian On Twitter by ibnlive.com:

He will also become only the second Indian comedian to showcase his solo show at the coveted Comedy Store, Mumbai – where his new comedy special, “Traveling Pants”, will start its run from June 13th, 2012 onward. He’s also the founder of “East India Comedy”, India’s busiest comedy company that has over a 100 shows planned across 6 cities in the next year. Recently, he also displayed the fact that he can read and write by releasing his debut novel, “The Wednesday Soul.”

His material has been described as, “over the top”, “manic”, and occasionally, “marginally unstable.” Join us as he covers his love for Indians of all types, why women are better than Indian men and his great, grand love for chai.

Kunal Rao is Sorabh’s opening Comedian, a regular at The Comedy Store and one of India’s top comedians. He’s also widely renowned as the world’s hottest Chartered Accountant – a title he wears with shocking pride. He’s also a vegetarian, social media expert and owner of the kinniest legs in all of India. Check out his material about non-vegetarian racism, his love for mannequins and why hugging him comes at a price.

This time The Pant will leave a blazing trail of fiery comments and loads of laughter in its wake as he brings you his “Pant on Fire” special. The 90 minute stand-up comedy show that answers existential questions such as why cricket ads should be banned, why wives need batteries, why Malyalis are culture chameleons and why Tiger Woods needs to start bottling his own beverage. Along with the stand up, the show also features two of Sorabh’s most famous characters: the infamous Sorabh Pun (widely voted as, “the world’s worst comedian”) and Pantjot Singh Sidhu (who does Sidhu’s similes better than Sidhu himself).

He’s also toured Dhaka (no, seriously!) and will be having his first show in Dubai on Thursday, June 21st, 2012and beyond from November onward with the international edition of Pant on Fire.

Watch as Sorabh presents some of his best material, from past super hit shows combined with fantastic new material and much, much more!


Thursday, June 21st, 2012
Jumeirah Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Rd., Dubai
Doors Open: 7.30pm
Show Starts: 9:00pm
Entry Fees: AED 125 (Advance Purchase); AED 145 (At the Venue)

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