Jump Boxx Reboot Fitness

Jump Boxx Reboot Fitness 10 Feb 2015
At Jump Boxx we believe that fun and fitness should go hand in hand. Already a huge success at our sister park in the UK, Reboot Fitness has finally landed in Dubai!

NASA believes that “rebound” exercise is the most effective, efficient form of exercise yet devised by man, proven to be three times more beneficial than a regular workout.

Reboot Fitness trampoline classes offer the ultimate cardio workout without excess stress on the heart, muscles or on any joints. You will achieve great results through this low impact and fat burning exercise while also improving your balance and coordination. The workout consists of moves from many different exercise forms and also incorporates some moves that can only be done on a trampoline.
It’s a full body workout class that allows you to jump, fly, and spin while strengthening your core, toning your muscles and burning calories. Studies show that an hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1000 calories. It’s the best cardio you will ever enjoy!

From 15th – 21st February jumpers enjoy FREE classes all week as part of the launch. Prior bookings are required in order to secure a space. Classes thereafter will run as a six week program from 22nd February until 4th February and are subject to the following schedule and prices:


5 sessions - AED 399
10 sessions – AED 699
20 sessions – AED 999

For bookings call James on 055 456 9044

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