Bushman's Restaurant & Bar opens on The Palm Jumeirah

Bushman's Restaurant & Bar opens on The Palm Jumeirah 05 May 2014
A new restaurant from down under has landed on The Palm Jumeirah

4th May 2014: A new restaurant from down under has landed on The Palm Jumeirah, offering exciting and quirky Aussie fare and beverages.

Bushman’s Australian Restaurant & Bar is the fourth and latest eatery to open at Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa, offering a truly authentic, sense-immersing experience from the outback along with unique recipes from the spices, herbs and animals of the Aboriginal culture.

As well as many favourites, guests can expect to find dishes such as Kangaroo Sirloin, Baked Barramundi and Seared Queensland Scallops on the menu, as well as Bushman’s true attention seeker, the Constructed Pavlova Dessert. A theatrical take on the traditional Aussie sweet, the Pavlova is prepared by a chef in front of the guests at the table, offering a truly interactive dining experience. The Bushman’s Wine Guru is also on hand to make excellent recommendations from its Penfolds collection of wines for every dish on the menu, while its Salt Guru can also advise on how to expertly enhance the great taste of every steak or seafood choice.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by the oversized gum-nut pods on the outdoor terrace, perfect for a pre-dinner Australian beverage. This billabong-inspired outdoor setting represents a watering hole, from which animals of the outback drink, with animal footprints that lead inside to further Aboriginal intrigue. With BBQs being a prominent feature of Australian culture, and to reflect a Bushman’s fire, a warm inviting scene has been created with an open fire-pit and flaming Parilla grill.

An abundance of boomerangs adorn the restaurant. They are made of Jarra – a natural hardwood found only in the south west of Australia – and are designed to remind guests to return again to Bushman’s. A cork lined feature wall in the dining space is impressive, with over 10,000 corks representing the indigenous way of drawing a dreamtime sequence through art on cave and canyon walls. The addition of pressed tin and redbrick textures with corrugated ceilings is synonymous with Australia, while thousands of Australian dollars line the Bushman’s bar top – a space which is perfect for a lighter dinner, or simply to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

Jean-Francois Laurent, General Manager of Anantara Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa, said: “The concept of Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar brings a touch of authentic Australian culture to Dubai. Our newest outlet allows guests enjoy hearty, Australian cuisine with friends and family in a fun, interactive environment. I especially encourage guests to try our signature Pavlova dessert created at the table by our chef, which is sure to turn a few heads.”

Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar is open from 6.30pm – 11.30pm daily. For restaurant reservations, call 04 567 8304 or email restaurants.dubai@anantara.com

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