Beach Polo Fashion

Beach Polo Fashion 23 Mar 2014
Gabriela Katiela of mamemo productions, founders and organisers of the upcoming Julius Baer Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2014 presented by Cadillac, gives us her fashion tips to make sure you’re one to be noticed amongst the crowds at the upcoming glitz-filled event.

The Beach Polo Cup Dubai is only just around the corner and for many, the number one question has got to be: “what do I wear?”

This is an event that combines a beautiful beach setting, breath-taking horses, delicious cuisine, live entertainment and an unforgettable polo competition.

So what are the fashion dos and don’ts for this prestigious event?

First of all, keep in mind that you are not attending a horse race and you are not simply going to the beach… You are going to the Julius Baer Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2014 presented by Cadillac!  The season’s most anticipated and luxurious happening!

Dressing for this occasion needs to be thought out and detailed. This event is an opportunity to display your taste and fashion sense to an international crowd. People will notice what you wear! And in this case, a fashion mistake could follow you around for a long time!

Therefore, we have provided our beloved guests with some suggestions as to what to wear to this wonderful occasion.

1.    Remember the perfect little black dress? If you can find the perfect little white dress, then you will fit right in
2.    Smart – casual is definitely the way to go…  a pair of jeans with a preppy blazer is an internationally acclaimed look for the polo games
3.    Add some colour to the occasion! We encourage you to project a colourful mood through your clothes
4.    Glitters and sparks belong to the nightclubs.  Nevertheless, if decently combined its a la mode!
5.    Remember that just because it’s called Beach Polo, it doesn’t mean you’re going to the beach!
6.    Wear something flattering and that has breathing material – its mid April and its outdoors
7.    High heels are always great, but consider that you are going to a Beach Polo. Less is more and flats can be as sexy as killer heels
8.    There is nothing more elegant and attractive than a man wearing a white suit and a Panama hat!
9.    We do like fascinators but remember you’re at beach polo and not at the races!
10.    Most important – wear your smile!

Tickets are available to purchase now from Platinum List.

For more information on the Julius Baer Beach Polo Cup Dubai 2014 Presented by Cadillac, please visit: .


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