Sake No Hana Dubai Launches Sake Sister The Ultimate Ladies’ Night

Sake No Hana Dubai Launches Sake Sister The Ultimate Ladies’ Night 19 Feb 2014
UAE, 19 February 2014- Sake No Hana Dubai, a collaboration brought to you  by Hakkasan Group and The Crystal Group, announces the launch of ‘Sake Sisters’.
Set in the modern Sake No Hana Lounge in the city’s souk al baha, ‘Sake Sisters’ is set to reform the traditional ladies night; offering three complimentary beverages from their Sake Sister menu and extending their generosity throughout the evening for all guests with specially  priced beverages. 

From 6pm every Tuesday, guests can indulge in the delectable Zensai menu, featuring some of Sake No Hana’s most exquisite dishes including Truffle Potato Crocket, Haccho Misso Duck and Chef’s piece de resistance; Tayoki Octopus Ball among many other classic Japanese dishes delivered on a sharing platter  to cater for intimate gatherings to larger groups.
Complimenting the culinary menu; Sake No Hana’s sommelier designed four themed cocktails; each representing and embodying one of the four Sake Sisters: 'Mio', 'Ayaka', 'Fajiko' and 'Hinata'.

To seal the Sake Sister deal, guests will be fanning themselves with an uchiwa, while watching traditional Geisha performances adding to what is going to be an unforgettable night of sophisticated Japanese fun.

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