Hijama Cupping Therapy at Cleopatra’s Spa, Wafi

Hijama Cupping Therapy at Cleopatra’s Spa, Wafi 21 Jan 2014
Dr Benazir Quraishi, the first licensed doctor in Dubai performing hijama and unani therapy

U.A.E, Dubai, 21st January, 2014: Hijama cupping therapy is an alternative holistic treatment that creates vacuum by using small suction cups on different points of the body. It draws the skin up into the cups, relieving congestions and bringing deep seated toxins towards the surface for elimination. The therapy can be performed either dry or wet and it is good for the flow of blood and energy.

Ancient Egyptians were the first to use cupping therapy systematically. Ebers papyrus, thought to be the oldest medical textbook approximately 1550 B.C., in Egypt, describes bleeding by cupping in order to remove the foreign matter from the body.

Cleopatra’s spa, named by the legendary ancient Egyptian queen is the first licensed spa practicing Hijama cupping therapy. Not sure which treatment to undertake? Dr Benazir Quraishi will examine you prior with all your health concerns and advise therapy accordingly. Whether you have health concern or you just need to detoxify, Hijama cupping therapy can be exactly what you need.

Hijama cupping therapy is very popular among cleanse-loving stars!— such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and David Arquette to name but a few.

Enclosed below are the Hijama cupping treatments available at Cleopatra’s spa, Wafi:

Cupping therapy for detoxification and well-being…this treatment promotes the free flow of the body’s energy, blood and fluids. It detoxifies and removed congestion. Your immune system is stimulated, as well as the production of new and healthier blood. Cupping therapy gives you a new feeling of complete well-being.

Cupping therapy for obesity…with this treatment you can get the right start of your weight-loss programme. Cupping can boost metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. Detoxification and improved lymphatic drainage will help you to get your health and body back to balance.

Cupping therapy for therapeutic conditions…a therapy to restore your health and recover from various conditions, such as back ache, lumbago, migraine, headache, neck and shoulder pain, rheumatism, digestive problems as bloating, indigestion, chronic constipation, acidity, astma, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and many more

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