Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Institution Rhythm of Life Awarded ISO 9001 Certification

Internationally Acclaimed Yoga Institution Rhythm of Life Awarded ISO 9001 Certification 14 Jan 2014
Dubai, UAE (January 12th, 2014)–Rhythm Yoga Centre (RYC), an internationally acclaimed registered institution under the DED in Dubai, has been awarded the ISO 9001 certification.
Sanjeev Krishnan, commonly known as Guruji and who is the backbone of the institution, founded Rhythm Yoga Centre (RYC) in 2003. He also provides programs in various educational Institutions in Dubai whilst also conducting them for various corporate bodies in the Middle East and in India as well.
Guruji has been interested in the field of spirituality ever since he was a child and it was this thirst for knowledge that led him to gain immense knowledge in this particular field and eventually resulting in the birth of the popular program ‘Rhythm of Life’.

Thousands from across the globe have claimed to benefit from this program. It promises to have great impact on the health, personality development and well being of an individual in all aspects of life - be it for children, teenagers, individuals, businessmen and professionals.
“Knowledge in this field is like an ocean – the more you know, the less I feel I have learnt,” says Guruji.

 An ISO 9001 certification certifies that Rhythm Yoga Centre (RYC) has demonstrated its ability to consistently provide a service that meets customer needs and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

It also solidifies that Rhythm Yoga Centre (RYC) as an institution has enhanced customer satisfaction through effective application of its service, including processes for continual improvement and assurance of conformity to its customers and accordingly, well being to the environment.

Rhythm Yoga Centre (RYC) will host a celebration ceremony on the 16th of January at the Palladium, in Dubai Media City, in honor of receiving the ISO 9001 certification from Mr. Fares Naouri –Managing Director –along with Mr. Arun Prakash- Systems Certification Manager -TUV Reinland Middle East –UAE.

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