Partying with the Press at 2LIV

Partying with the Press at 2LIV 19 Sep 2013
By Stephanie Kaur

Last night was the VIP and press launch of Dubai's newest club 2LIV, so of course I had to go check it out!

Located next to the Sofitel Hotel, Palm Jumeirah 2LIV is in a very relaxed and scenic location. This was something I realised after going onto the terrace and looking out to the sea; had it been early evening it would be the perfect place to watch the sunset. I think its a good idea they have that area as it offers something for everyone; the terrace to chill and inside to party.

This three storey club has a modern, chic feel about it. With subtle but quirky furnishings they've designed the interior well and not made it look tacky. Luckily, there are lifts; so ladies take full advantage, as dancing to a great mix of beats in 6 inch heels will take it out of you! I really enjoyed the music as it was a combination of house, R&B and commercial chart so the variation caters to a wider audience.

I found the staff were very friendly and enthusiastic; something which I feel is very important when in the nightclub environment. Several members of staff even offered to take photos of me and my friend as they could see we were struggling with the 'selfies'.

Overall, it is  a lovely venue with a good mix of music so I will return for a night out soon!

The official launch to the general public is today (19th September)

For more information and reservations check out the 2LIV Facebook page.


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