Can you swallow a full one @ Media One Hotel?

Can you swallow a full one @ Media One Hotel? 03 May 2012
Can you swallow a full one @ Media One Hotel?

This town is pretty big and with all the restaurants, cafés and dining emporiums offering such great deals, you occasionally find yourself wondering ‘where should I go this week?'. Look no more as The MED in Media One Hotel as it launches its new signature dish – Big Brochettes! Chef Nicolas is preparing skewers starting from 50cm to 150cm to test if you can swallow a full one!

Your days and nights spent in The MED have already become legendary for the weekends; now all you need to do is extend your enjoyment into the week days. The new Big Brochette menu in The MED from Saturday to Wednesday, lunch or dinner, offers you a variety of 10 different skewers with tender chicken, fresh seafood, and lean meats with young vegetables. You just need to decide how many your appetite can take! Each brochette is served with crisp, hot French fries and green salad. With Mediterranean cuisine at its finest, the secret is in the marinades that characterize the ingredients of countries fringing the shores of the Mediterranean.

“We are aware there are a variety of Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai so we wanted something that was a little different yet great value for money”, stated Harold Rainfroy, Resident Manager. “We hope our guests rise to the challenge of sampling a full metre of meat or fish! We have priced it so the more you buy the better the price with the cost per 50cm, reducing as you order more. The Big Brochettes are bold & Mediterranean offering an alternative to our elaborate buffets”.

The MED this stylish, yet relaxed Mediterranean restaurant is on the 8th floor of the hotel with cool dramatic interiors where you can eat and dine at your own pace, with an outdoor terrace for the cooler days and a great view of the Marina and Palm Jumeirah.

For more information and reservations please call Restaurant Reservations on Dubai 427 1000 or email

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