The ‘Gate’ lights up for Ramadan

The ‘Gate’ lights up for Ramadan 01 Aug 2011
The ‘Gate’ lights up for Ramadan

Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel hosts its first Iftar with traditional lighting ceremony and authentic celebrations in Al Bahou

Celebrating its first Ramadan; Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel has transformed the exterior of the building to light up Ramadan as guests prepare to celebrate the holy month.

During a spectacular lighting ceremony to mark the first evening of Ramadan, the hotel illuminated dozens of lanterns, Islamic crescents as well as a 22 metre” Ramadan Mubarak” welcome sign.

The exterior lighting complements its stunning interior which is heavily influenced by Islamic architecture of which the 90 metre Al Bahou, (Grand Hall) is the centre piece featuring 88 bespoke Arabic lanterns.

“Al Bahou provides such a grand setting inside the hotel with a traditional Arabic theme, we wanted to reflect the same Islamic image on the exterior of the ‘Gate’ during Ramadan as well” said Philippe Bonnot, General Manager, Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel.

“To achieve that we transformed the external appearance on a scale that we believe is truly unique in Dubai, “added Bonnot.

“Lanterns are known to be a symbol of Ramadan; traditionally they were used to light the mosques and houses during the holy month. Therefore we have chosen to decorate the exterior of the hotel with small lanterns also known as Fanous. The Crescent accompanied by a star is often used to symbolise the Islamic faith and were also chosen to complement the lanterns on the building,” said Allam Shalabi, Director of Engineering at the Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel.

One of the highlights of the Ramadan decorations at Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel is the ‘Gate’ itself, being the predominant and most recognisable part of the building.  To highlight this feature two  large crescents have been placed on either side of the’ Gate’ and will be illuminated with glittering lightings every night during Ramadan.

“Every aspect of the exterior decoration was made internally with the help of the hotel employees. Naturally the whole team at the ‘Gate’ especially the engineering department, feel very passionate about this project and proud of what we have created together,” added Shalabi.

Continuing the theme, the hotel has also decorated the hotel entrance creating a ‘Ramadan Garden’ which features a number of glittering palm trees and sparkling crescents.

Guests visiting the hotel can enjoy the Ramadan buffet in Al Bahou at AED 140 per person, including an extensive food buffet and Ramadan juices. Special Iftar group rates are offered for 100 people or above, starting from AED 120 per person.

The Hotel’s beautifully designed air-conditioned tent is perfect for private family and corporate gatherings, with a variety of shisha flavours and sohour offerings.

For bookings and enquires please contact restaurants reservations at 04 444 5613 or book online at

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