Connoisseurs Seven Course Menu

Connoisseurs Seven Course Menu 14 Jun 2011
Cavalli Club introduces its Connoisseurs Seven Course Menu

Dubai, 7 June 2011: Cavalli Club Restaurant and Lounge, Dubai, has introduced one of its most extravagant and indulgent menus to date. Running throughout the months of June and July, the Seven C’s menu features several irresistible, gourmet delicacies, including a selection of Canapés, Caviar, Chocolate, Cocktails, Cheeses, Coffee, and other special concoctions.

Starting with a specially selected glass of French bubbly, guests will be able to enjoy a menu of seven delicious dishes, specially created by Cavalli Club’s Head Chef. Choices include ‘Beluga caviar and European lobster ravioli’, canapés of ‘Foie gras dumplings, wilted spinach and summer truffle dipping sauce’, ‘Frozen banana daiquiri cocktail with fruit sushi’, and ‘Dark vahrona chocolate soufflé with a hint of red chilli’, each dish highlighting Cavalli Club’s never ending commitment to finding new ways to arouse the senses. Guests are invited to finish their gourmet meal with an eighth ‘C’, and indulge in a cigar from the newly introduced cigar menu, which features the finest brands from across the globe.

Guests who are only lounging, can enjoy a lighter bite with the Sushi and Sake menu. Cavalli’s Bento Box features a selection of Japanese delights, making for the perfect meal to share with a close friend.

For more information and reservations please call Cavalli Club on 04 332 9260 or 050 856 6044
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