An Evening with Dr. John A. Lent at Cartoon Art Gallery

An Evening with Dr. John A. Lent at Cartoon Art Gallery 04 Jun 2015

Dr.  John A. Lent is are tired professor, from the School of Communication & Theatre, Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He is the founding publisher and editor of International Journal of Comic Art ( and has done extensive research, worldwide in the field of comic arts and cartooning. Dr. Lent has published many books and articles on topics such as  cartooning, female cartoonists and asian comics, and is a well respected and renowned personality in the world of cartooning and visual communication.


Dr. John A. Lent will be visiting Dubai during the first half ofJune  (from the 4th till the 15th.) He has consented to give a visual presentation and attend an informal gathering with local cartoonists, illustrators and artists. 

We at cartoon art gallery would like to take this opportunity to encourage our local cartoonist, illustrators and artists, especially female artists, to exhibit their portfolios and share their works with each other as well as with Dr. John A. Lent. 

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